Monthly Archive: December 2016


MoReVoX REXP for REmatrix-R2R

Team R2R | Dec 27 2016 | 40 MB

REXP is a collection of 125 pristine impulse responses with 100 individual presets.
Each of these brand new impulse responses has been developed from scratch and carefully tailored for the REmatrix … Read more


MoReVoX REmatrix Expansions WiN

MoReVoX REmatrix Expansions WiN
GoldenGlue Platinum: 44 Mb | REXP: 40 Mb | Factory: 104 Mb | Imagined Spaces: 59 Mb | Drive Blast: 26 Mb

GoldenGlue Platinum is a cinematic library created for deep and natural reverberations with attitude. … Read more


MoReVoX Imagined Spaces for REmatrix-R2R

Team R2R | Dec 27 2016 | 60 MB

Ear shocking reverbs!

Imagined Spaces is a reverb library created with digitally synthesised IRs.
With Imagined spaces you can surprise your audience with ear shocking effects and add inspiring rhythmic structures … Read more


MoReVoX Drive Blast for REmatrix-R2R

Team R2R | Dec 27 2016 | 26 MB

Harmonic distortion is at the center of an exciting sound.
All the REmatrix impulse responses were created using various amounts of harmonic distortion processed through sophisticated audio effect chains of custom … Read more